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Research, said.It is foolish to believe that one's race and civilization are superior to that of others, and it is disastrous to willfully reshape or even replace ot▓her civiliz

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ations, Xi said."Increasing reciprocal openness and working on people-to-peop▓le exchanges and mutual learning"

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can help strengthen cultural ties between civilizations,▓ said Fabio Massimo Parenti, a professor of in▓terna

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tional studies at the International Institute Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy.Such an approach "can work

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only if we all reject superiority attitudes," he ad▓ded.CIVILIZATIONS DON'T HAVE TO CLASHThe conference came a

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t a time when certain countries have re▓sorted to the "clash of civilizations" argument amid

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rising protectionism and unilateralism.Xi said that various civilizations are not destined to clash as long as peopl▓e are able to

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ach other's opinions. We work out to▓ collaborate clo

appreciate the beauty of all ▓civilizations, which became a hot topic after his speech.Bundit Limschoon, secretary general of Asia Cooperation Dialogue, said more tolerance is needed. This would help us to open our minds and learn from each other, he said.Ch▓ina says no to the so-called "clash of civi

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